Visual Communication Computer Labs

Visual Communication open lab provides additional practice time for students. Use of these labs is a benefit we extend to current VisCom students, and open lab access is not part of ACC lab fees which apply only to scheduled class lab time.

Note: Lab computers are actively monitored. Loading unauthorized software, attaching unauthorized hardware to the computers or other behavior that causes department staff or other students to be pulled away from their work may result in loss of lab privileges for that individual. Theft of any equipment or software will cause cancellation of the Open Lab for all students and the police will be notified.

Please review the operating lab rules.

Open Lab Locations & Hours for Spring.

Click on room number for lab hours for the Fall semester.

South Austin Campus  1820 W. Stassney Lane, Austin, Texas 78745
Room 1210 
 Room 1211   Room 1212

Northridge Bldg 3000 11928 Stonehollow Drive, Austin, Texas 78758 
Room 3131
  |  Room 3132  Room 3133  |  Room 3134  |   Room 3136  | Room 3137  |  Room 3231

Northridge Bldg 4000 11928 Stonehollow Drive, Austin, Texas 78758 
Room 4206
  | Room 4261 Room 4262     Room 4265   Room 4269

Tutoring is available at both the Northridge and South Austin Campus. See schedule below.

Tutoring Hours: 

Northridge Campus

Room 3132 — Kristeen Parmeter
2D Animation
M & W: 9a – 11:45a
Friday: 2:45p – 8p 

Room 3133 — Gaming only
Game Design

Room 4206 — 

Room 4269 — Jen Jones
GAT and Flash
Friday: 11a – 4p


South Austin Campus

Room 1211 — Ann Kennedy
W, TH, F, S: noon – 3p 


Highland Campus

Room 1424.01 —
Motion Graphics