Get Advised

Are you transferring from another program? Or a current student who has questions about our degree plans? VisCom advisors are here to assist you.

General ACC advisors are not always aware of changes to our degree plans, since we regularly update requirements in order to teach you the most current skills possible. There are numerous changes this year, including new degree plans in the Interactive Design and Motion Graphics areas. 

Our goal is to help you find the quickest (and least expensive) path to your educational goal. Visual Communication advisors are available to: 

  • help you select your classes
  • determine if classes you've taken at another college can be applied to your
    degree plan
  • assist with financial aid appeals
  • answer questions about course numbers and changes to degree plans 
  • help you determine when you will graduate
  • and much more 

To set up a meeting
Five VisCom advisors are available for appointments. Call or email to schedule a convenient time.

Northridge Campus
Room 4263.1

Sue Durban

Martha Johnson

Sue and Martha advise students in Graphics, Web & Interactive, Motion Graphics and 2D Animation.

Room 3142

Deanna Whaley

Colin Blankenship
NRG - Room 3133

Deanna and Colin advise students in Game Art and Game Design.


South Austin Campus
Room 1213

Melinda Barker

Melinda advises students in Graphics, Web & Interactive, Motion Graphics and 2D Animation.