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Computer Studies and Advanced Technology - Overview
Welcome to the Computer Science and Advanced Technology (CSAT) Division at Austin Community College. Our division is comprised of six innovative, and cutting edge areas: Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design, Computer Studies, Electronics and Advanced Technologies, Land Surveying, Visual Communication, and the Game Development Institute. Classes are designed for the novice to the professional, from the high school student to those seeking new and different careers in areas such as computer programming, or architectural drafting, to game development, and renewal energy. We're here for you! You will find a wealth of information on this, and our departmental websites. In addition, download our division brochure and sit back to take a few moments to find what interests you. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design Read More. Visit the departmental website

Computer Studies Read More. Visit the departmental website

Electronics and Advanced Technologies Read More. Visit the departmental website

Land Surveying Read More. Visit the departmental website

Visual Communication Read More. Visit the departmental website

The Game Development Institute read more. Visit the departmental website

Download the CSAT division brochure.

Download this file (csatBrochure90209.pdf)csatBrochure90209.pdf[ ]1008 Kb