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Build your Career
Computer Information Technology is a constantly evolving field. Its dynamic nature propels the need for competent qualified computer science professionals. Graduates can work with different industries as technical administrators or in research led areas of the computer industry. To illustrate: as networked computing and the Internet become a way of life, many system and security issues crop up. Therefore the need arises for professionals specializing in system and security administration.


ACC has two traditional Academic Transfer degrees in the Computer Studies department:

  1. The Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science degree plan
  2. The Associate of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems degree plan
ACC has three Terminal Degrees in the Computer Science department:

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming
Associate of Applied Science in Local Area Network Systems
Associate of Applied Science in Microcomputer Applications
Concentrated subset of courses from the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.  ACC has seven certificate programs in the Computer Information Systems department:
  • Computer Information Technology- Database program
  • Computer Programming- C ++ Track program
  • Computer Programming- Java Track program
  • Local Area Network Systems - Network Administration program
  • User and Desktop Support Specialization program
  • Web Developer Specialist program
  • Software Testing program

*Offered degrees and certificates evolve with the ever changing educational demands of technological industries. Listing reflects current options and is subject to change.