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Architectural & Engineering
Computer Aided Design

The Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design program at ACC offers certificates and degrees specializing in the creation of technical drawings for the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and electrical/electronic engineering. Many Austin-area CAD drafters acquired their training by earning a certificate or associate’s degree from ACC’s Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design program. This program usually takes from one to two years to complete and focuses on the skills necessary to work as a drafter in industry, such as drafting techniques, knowledge of drafting standards, and the use of CAD programs to create technical drawings. One of the most important skills that drafters must acquire during their training is the ability to interpret design inputs and transform them into these technical drawings. 

The trend in modern design, whether it is architectural or engineering, is to use CAD tools to create a dynamic, often three-dimensional, database that can be shared by all members of the design team. Increasingly, others in the organization, such as those involved in marketing, finance, service, and repair, will access information from the CAD database to accomplish their jobs.

The diversity of the curriculum at ACC allows students to develop proficiency in specialized areas such as mechanical CAD, civil and architectural CAD, integrated circuit layout and design, and electronic design graphics. Visit the departmental website to learn more about the Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design Department at ACC  www.austincc.edu/cad

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