The Division of
Computer Studies and Advanced Technology

Welcome to the Computer Science and Advanced Technology (CSAT) Division at Austin Community College. Our division is comprised of six innovative, and cutting edge areas: Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design, Computer Studies, Electronics and Advanced Technologies, Land Surveying, Visual Communication, and the Game Development Institute.

Bringing It All Together
Visual Communication

Mix together special effects, graphic design, digital audio, animation, 3D, RTF, typography and Fine Art and what do you have? Motion Graphics – a new program in the Visual Communication Department. Read More...

Technical Drafting
Architecture & Engineering
Computer Aided Design

Drafters are individuals with specialized training in the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to prepare technical drawings. CAD allows drafters to produce drawings much more quickly than traditional drafting techniques. The Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design program at ACC offers certificates and degrees specializing in the creation of technical drawings for the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and electrical/electronic engineeringRead More...

Like Hanging From High Places?
Electronics and Advanced Technologies

Austin Community College is the only place in Texas where you can earn a specialized two-year degree to prepare you for one of today's most exhilarating, high-demand careers: UtilityLineworker. New recruits are needed immediately throughout Central Texas, so ACC partnered with area utility providers to develop an exclusive Associate of Applied Science degree in Utility Lineworker Technology. The work is often physically extreme and mentally demanding, but each day is a new adventure. Plus, the jobs are secure, the pay is... Read More...

Testing, Testing, Testing...
Computer Information Technology

Quality assurance is vital to any programming area where bugs can end up costing companies both time and dollars. Students studying in the Software Testing area will develop marketable skills in the fast growing I.T. field. Take a look at our testing certificate program or click here for more degrees and programs in Computer Science field. 

Feeling Animated?  Check out our student video galleries for 2D and 3D animations.

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