Bringing It All Together

Steven and student in VisCom labMix together special effects, graphic design, digital audio, animation, 3D, RTF, typography and Fine Art and what do you have? Motion Graphics – a new program in VisCom. This mix is part of what Associate Professor Steven Mullins loves about his work. Walk into his classroom and it’s obvious that Steven shares his enthusiasm with his students.

“People who have multiple areas of interest often walk the line between the technical and the creative. They will find that motion graphics frees them to create anything they dream up. So many types of information can be conveyed as a motion designer and motion can be used to guide the users eyes in a way that makes an interface more intuitive. Or motion can help evoke an emotional response to engage viewers as you tell a story.”

A recent visit to his Motion Graphics class at Northridge campus found Steven working with Lindsey Chastain (in photo) as she fine-tuned her characters using Adobe Illustrator to get them ready for action in Adobe After Effects. As a VisCom instructor, Steven loves the practicality of the curriculum and appreciates that the classes bring together people from so many backgrounds combining their creative skills – just like they would at a studio. The ACC Motion Graphics program teaches the Adobe Creative Suite and emphasizes the mastery of Adobe After Effects. Steven believes that these skills will continue to be highly sought after in Austin’s job market.

Steven has loved art as long as he can remember and was part of Austin's Art Enrichment Program in elementary school. He pursued art and music throughout high school and college earning a BFA in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin. After studying 2D Animation at ACC, he co-founded HorseBack Salad Entertainment in 2001. Since 2005 Steven’s one-man studio, EchoOut Motion Design, has handled a wide range of tasks in Motion Graphics and interactive design for many industries.

Notable recent projects have included "Dragon Age: Origins" console RPG HUD/UI design, the "Young Indiana Jones" DVDs interactive menus, motion graphics for "Props BMX" on FuelTV, Aion: The Tower of Eternity trailers, and Flash motion design on the "Nike Skateboarding: ZOOM Tre AD" microsite. The Indiana Jones and Nike projects were featured in the Communication Arts 14th Interactive Annual.

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